Make Moving Smooth with these Tips

Moving is something that just about every person has to deal with at least once in their lives and the first time can be especially stressful and chaotic. Moving is more than stuffing objects in a box and unpacking in your new home. You have to be mindful of which things you ack first and how you pack specific items in order to avoid any headaches along the way.

The first thing to consider is the fact that settling in your new home will take a few days especially if you have a family and the house is big. In the meantime, there are a few essentials that you and your family members will need. Those should be packed in separate bags and stay with you in the car so that you can access them with ease. Essentials can include toothpaste and toothbrush, makeup, towels, underwear, medication, and so on.

Another type of bag of essentials you should make easy to access should be filled with assembly tools to put together furniture. Such means include scissors, box cutters, tape, glue, bolts, and anything that you deem necessary. Do not forget to pack in hand soap and paper towels as the job can get quite messy sometimes.

When you start packing, begin with the most valuable items and pack them with care. Decorations will be used last so mind that when you pack. Another thing to consider is the placement of each box. Setting up a color system can be a useful way to figure out where your moving helpers should place each box. Another tip to help you get organized is printing a map of each room and denoting where you would like each the largest pieces of furniture to go. That will help get rid of any hassle later on.

After all of the organizational preparation for the move, there is one last thing to think about. You want to start with a clean slate, and in this case, that means a clean house. Hiring a cleaning service for a few hours before you arrive will make all the difference in the process of unpacking and organizing your new home.

Now, onto the packing. Heavy items such as books should go into smaller boxes to keep the accumulated weight more manageable. The more massive the box, the lower in a pile in the moving container that it goes. That way heavy boxes will be stable, and they will not crush anything with their weight. Make sure to use sturdy shipping boxes so that your belongings stay safe during the move. Consider using towels and linen on the sides of the boxes as stuffing instead of paper. That will keep your belongings safe, save up on shipping boxes and it will also drastically reduce the shipping and stuffing supplies that you will need to get and probably throw ut after you are done.

Although moving can be stressful, remember that there are a ton of ways in which you can make it your best move yet. Stay organized and try to save as much space as possible. Think about the essentials each of your family members and pets will need and pack them in individual bags. If anything else fails, at least higher a cleaning service so that you can start moving in immediately.


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